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Here at Touches with Brushes, Patricia takes pride in offering you an original, visually stunning, painting, along with a frame that would match any decor whether it is for your home or studio, office, or as a gift.

Take a look around, and see what catches your eye.

Warbler Bird Retreat
Allured Light On The Shore
Metallic Vase w/ Unforgettable Arrag
Endless Accent
Tropical Paradise
Capsule Welcome Home
Unforgettable Dancer
Meddling In The Forest
Camouflage Colbalt Bird & Bee
Light House Magical
Family On An Adventure
Unique African Crown Crane
Sophisticated Ladies
Blue Birds Retreat
Jamaica Fishing Unfolding
Inspiring Black Birds Nesting Bush
Baobab African Tall Trees
Infinity Dock Side
Alaskan Squirrels Spectacular
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